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Harley Shop Talk: Often Imitated, Never Duplicated

6th Annual HST Member Rally: June 17 - 20, 2011 in Cincinnati, OH

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 � Appearance, Bike Care, Garages, Tools & Warranties   It Takes Lots Makin' 'Yer Bike Shine & Run Right - Tell Us What, Where & How YOU Do It

 � Engine, Transmission, & Performance  Shop Talk: Engines, Cams, Gearing, EFI Modules & Relevant Mods

 � Handlebars, Pegs & Controls  Apes, Broomsticks & Buckhorns; Triggers, Blades, Internal Twists and Mirrors & Accessories That Complement

 � Intake & Exhaust  Air In & Air Out ... and Ahhhhh, That Sweet, Sweet Smell of Hogfarts!

 � Lights, Electrical & Stereos/Speakers  Electrical Systems, Lighting, Stereo/Speaker Accessories

 � Mods, Mods, Mods  Huh? You Mean 'Yer Bike Ain't "Showroom Stock"? Then Post 'Yer Mods Here for Other Members to See!

 � Paint, Sheet Metal, Fairings, & Windshields  All Things "Body" Related ...

 � Recalls  

Sub Forums Include:  Harley Model Years 2007 back to 2000

 � Seats, Backrest, Bags & Racks  Finding the Perfect Cushion for Your Bike - and Places to Store Gear

 � Suspension, Wheels, Tires & Brakes  Keeping Your Harley Stuck to the Road & Handling the Way You Always Wanted


Bagger.  Dresser.  Touring bike.


All are names synonymous with Harley's biggest of the Big Twin bikes, made specifically for over-the-road mile-logging riding.  Sure, many will say their softail is meant for the long haul, or they've got their Dyna or Sporty or even V-Rod all geared up for touring, but most will tell you if you want a serious machine for some serious mile munching, you've got to have the bike meant to knock down the miles with no complaints.


Bagger:  a motorcycle purposefully fit with saddlebags (and in some cases even a trunk) that affords the rider (and sometimes passenger) room to haul all their stuff on a road trip.  Baggers have been around as long as the motorcycle, because at some point that first Harley rider was eventually nagged enough to drop by the store and bring something back on his way home from work.  Consequently, he needed a bag and fitted one on his bike.  (The term bagger is not to be confused with the term hoser, as a bagger is a bike and a hoser is a person.  Hoser:  the bagger owner's riding partner on the cool barhopper that is constantly asking you to carry his crap since he has nowhere to stow it.)

Dresser:  somewhere along the line we decided to chrome out these hawgs AND adorn them with all kinds of stuff that is arguably not needed, not appreciated (except by the owner, of course) and in some cases ain't even safe to the rider or the people he's passing by.  But this is the essence of doing what we do:  because we can, some of us dress up our hawgs.  Therefore, they become dressers (again, typically the bigger bikes in Harley's line because there's more places for us to hang stuff off of).  Don't call us explaining you own a Heritage Dresser ... we know you know what we mean, so drop it before you even think of starting it. 

Touring:  began sometime around the of the 20th century after the owner of a new Harley decided to take it beyond the city limits.  Before long, he ran into another fellow of the same mind and then another and another.  Before long, these guys exchanged information with each other and and started to organize "Gypsy Tours" (kinda like Harley picnics which lasted several days, several hundreds of miles with several tens or even hundreds of people).  Bikers would meet somewhere distant, set up base, and push their bikes and themselves to their limits in races on roads, along trails, across fields, and up hills.  These soon became rallys and we now have what we now have (Laconia, Sturgis, Daytona, Myrtle, etc.), where we now have them.  So you see, were it not for those first Harley owners back in 190x, we'd all still be stuck inside our city limits.


 � Harley Shop Talk Rides & Events  Yeah, We Ride Together. And ALL Over the Place, Too!

Sub Forums Include:  3rd Annual HST Member Rally,  2nd Annual HST Member Rally,  1st Annual HST Member Rally,  HST Rally to the Cape, HST Midwest Get Together,  HST H-D KC Plant Tour,  HST Tail of the Dragon Ride * * *

 � Harley Shop Talk Swag Shop  Buy Harley Shop Talk Stuff - It's YOUR Purchases That Help Us to Keep the Site Going!

 � Local Rides & Events (<100K)  Stuff to do a Little Closer to Home

Sub Forums Include:  Bean Blossom,  Las Vegas Bikefest,  Ride to Work Day,  York Open House,  Hollister Rally

 � National Rides & Events (>100K)  Rallys That Attract All Kinds From All Places

Sub Forums Include:  DelMarVa Bike Week,  Rolling Thunder,  Laughlin River Run,  Myrtle Beach Bike Week,  Sturgis Motorcycle Rally,  Daytona Bike Week, Laconia Race & Rally Week 

 � Riding Gear  No One Here Really Cares if Those New Jeans Make 'Yer Ass Look Fat, So Don't Ask ...

 � Safety, Insurance & Legislation  Tips to Help Make Our Members Safer Out There on the Asphalt Jungle

 � Tattoos  Let's Talk INK!


 � Announcements, Forum Q&A & Test Area  Information and Announcements for Harley Shop Talk Members, Plus an Area to Ask Questions and Test* * *

 � Birthdays  Who'da Thunk It? Bikers Showin' Off the More Touchy-Feely Side of Harley Shop Talk* * *

 � General Discussion  If the Engineer Boot Doesn't Fit, Post it Here!* * *

 � Harley News & Video From Around the World

 � Humor If 'Ya Think it's Funny, Chances Are it is ... Post it Here for Other Members to Judge!

 � Introductions  Introduce 'Yerself (What'cha Ridin'? ... Where'ya Located? ... )* * *

 � Memorials  A Special Forum for Our Friends and Family that are Gone, but Not Forgotten.* * *

 � Politics & Religion  Keep it in Here, Please.

 � Sports & Entertainment  'Yer Bound to Opine on Something Sports or Entertainment Related ... Just Don't Run Out Onto the Field Nekkid

 � Swap Meet  Harley Shop Talk Buy & Sell Forum ... (No, No One Wants 'Yer Friggn' Ex-Wife!)

 � 2nd Ammendment  'Nuff Said!


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